Pause Fest 2011 Opening Titles

Main opening titles for Pause Fest Festival 2011, a cutting-edge digital festival held in Melbourne, Australia.

“Pause Fest is a manifestation of the digital and creative industries featuring the world’s most creative minds of the 21st century within the Melbourne CBD.”

Equilibrium: a stable situation in which products and reactants are balanced.
The experiment exists in an alternate world where science does not behave the same way as our world. There, gravity is warped and time is suspended. The parts of the experiment seem to be part of something bigger, working for a common goal; a grand scheme that is slowly revealed. Reactions become more exciting and erratic; catalysts for each other. The entire experiment represents the energy from Pause Fest 2011. Equilibrium from their world to ours, has been achieved. — Studio Breeder

Client: Pause Fest, Australia
Visual Production: Studio Breeder, Australia
Music & Sound, Radium Audio
Creative Vision & Direction: Andrew Diey
Musicians: Ipman, Josephine Lloyd, Karin Höghielm, Tim Manning, Peter Malmqvist
Sound Design: Studio Irad Lee, Peter Malmqvist

Visual: BREEDER, Australia

Director: Joyce Ho
Producer: Megan Griffiths
DOPs: Timothy Lovett and Chris Morris
RED Operator: Peter Wright
Editing and Colour Grading: Joyce Ho, Timothy Lovett and Chris Morris
Compositor: Chris Morris
Props and Set Design: Megan Griffiths and Joyce Ho
Scientific Consultant: Will Johnston
Special Thanks: Queensland University of Technology

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